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Success Leaves Clues! Go Find Them!

Posted on November 1, 2018 in Uncategorized

Success leaving clues sounds adventurous, doesn’t it? Sort of like a mysterious Sherlock Holmes sleuthing expedition! So, how do we get started? Well, let’s look at what others have done and how they became successful. By doing this mini-investigation we can avoid the roadblocks that they ran into. In addition, we can also learn what they learned without having to go through everything they went through. It’s a shortcut!

So how are we supposed to find these successful people? Well, I believe one of the answers to this question can be found in Daniel Goleman’s book, Emotional Intelligence. Here he explains how we need to have a strong EQ, or emotional intelligence. This means that we need to have strong emotional and social skills that give us the ability to communicate effectively with other people. We need to be likable! If we are likable, communicate well, and are easy to talk to, then we’re going to have a lot more success in our life. Even more success than people who have high IQs, but lack emotional intelligence. In addition, older, wiser, and more successful mentors will find it a lot easier to share their secrets of success with us when they find us respectful and likable.

The other part of this sleuthing adventure is to be a voracious reader. Devouring books will help us rapidly digest success secrets of the people who have already traveled our road. I find it amazing that for just a few bucks, and sometimes even for free if we visit the public library, we can quickly learn the secrets that may have taken our mentor a lifetime to learn and do. Think about how powerful that is! A lifetime of experience condensed just for us! If books aren’t a short cut to success, then I don’t know what is!!!

So there it is; success leaves clues in the successful people we are surrounded by, and the books we read. Let’s put on our detective hats, think like Sherlock Holmes, and get out there and find those clues of success by successful people. Not only will we have fun doing this, but we will also change the world for the better.

Now teens and even tweens, go learn, lead, and lay the way to a better world for all of us. Remember that success leaves clues, so let’s go find them! And finally, once again, thanks in advance for all that you do, and all that you will do…

Orlando Dinner Theaters – An Often Missed Must-See Orlando Attraction Guide

Posted on October 31, 2018 in Uncategorized

You have permission to publish this article elctronically or in print, free of charge, as long as it is printed as is and the author byline is included. URL s must appear as hyperlinks. After investing all day in the hot sun to explore one of Orlando’s Major Theme Parks (Disney, Universal Studios, etc.), take some time to sit back and relax at one of Orlando’s fine Dinner Theaters.

There are theaters to suit your every mood – from medieval adventures, to magic and mystery to just plain fun and entertainment. Whatever theme youchoose, dinner theater adventure is an experience that you will remember for years to come. You will be able to sit back and enjoy a few hours of food andmemorable entertainment in a relaxing environment that is a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of the theme parks.

Let’s look at some of the more popular dinner theaters and learn a bit more about what you will experience at each of them.

Arabian Nights – Where fairy tales come true. This is truly a magical fairy tale on horseback and fully deserves its billing as Orlandos number 1 dinner theater destination. Be prepared to be thrilled and mesmerized as the tale of the marriage of a price and princess unfolds before your eyes. Be enchanted by the incredible displays of horsemanship and the colorful riders as they perform their tale of the Black Stallion. For more information about the Arabian Nights, call their toll free number at 800-553-6116.

Dixie Stampede – Dolly Parton had the vision to bring Dixie to the masses with this entertainment extravaganza and has succeeded. From its fabulous Carriage Room Opening Act to the main performance, the level of detail to the acts and the degree of fun is just tremendous. The venue is ever changing and offers entertainment by the greatest stars today as well as a stable of super talented entertainers. The main show is a marvelous fusion of animals and entertainers as they enact a high quality rodeo style event complete with a buffalo stampede, excellent and entertaining horsemanship and other highly amusing acts delivered in a high paced fashion guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. For more information, call their Orlando location at

Mark Two Dinner Theater – Certainly not one of the biggest venues but one that is always varying its entertainment. Rather than adhere to a single format, the Mark Two has a variety of highly entertaining Broadway musicals that come through its doors. If you are considering a dinner theater experience while on your Orlando vacation, you owe it to yourself to call Mark Two at 407-843-6275 to see what their current show offering is before making your dinner theater choice.

Medieval Times – Medieval Times is more than a dinner attraction – it’s a window in time where the glory, chivalry, valor and honor of old burst to life in thrilling authentic tournament action. While guests enjoy a medieval banquet, six brave knights compete in games of skill astride magnificent Andalusian stallions. Lances splinter against shields of steel, broad swords spark and a champion emerges, to the cheers of the enthusiastic crowd. This is definitely a show worth seeing to get a feel for Medieval Life. Voted
“Best Dinner Show” by the readers of Florida Living Magazine. For more details, call them direct at 800-229-8300.

Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Theatre – Enjoy a delicious dinner with unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks while watching a hilarious whodunit with improvisation and audience participation. Mingle with outrageous characters! Observe anything suspicious! Interrogate the suspects! Solve the crime! For more information and show times, call 407-363-1985.

Pirate’s Dinner Adventure – Pirate’s Dinner Adventure is an energetic and adventurous, interactive dinner experience, captivating audiences of all ages. Set sail on the high seas on-board a pirate ship for swashbuckling thrills, combined with the perfect blend of comedy, romance, action and adventure. Enjoy breathtaking feats of aerial agility and spectacular musical talent as you dine on The Port of Call Feast. Pirate’s Dinner Adventure is a bounty of hidden treasure waiting to be explored, truly making it “World’s Most Interactive Dinner Show”. They can be reached at 800-866-2469.

With all these excellent selections, make your evenings in Orlando an adventure to remember. Good food, relaxation and an exciting show are just the thing after a day of touring the theme parks to recharge your batteries and get you revved up for your next day’s adventures. Dinner theaters are truly one of the special memories of your Orlando adventure and a must do event in your schedule.


Three Best Dinner Theaters and Shows in Orlando Florida

Posted on October 30, 2018 in Uncategorized

A lot of family vacationers would head to Orlando to spend fun and quality vacation with their families, friends and loved ones. This manifests the rationale behind Orlando’s fame being a top travel destination preference of a huge number of vacationers from across the globe. Because of this, Orlando does not fail to offer venues, events and shows that would best suit the needs of every type of vacationer visiting the place. One of the best offers of Orlando are the interesting dinner shows that are intentionally created to provide everyone with a remarkable dining experience together with their respective families, friends and loved ones.

While a lot of dinner places in Orlando offer a family-friendly ambiance, others also have themes and dinner shows that are only suitable for adult viewers. This denotes that you have to choose the appropriate dinner theaters that offer suitable dinner shows for you and your family, then.

Here are five of the best dinner places that feature various interesting dinner shows you can catch live while staying in Orlando, Florida.

1. Arabian Nights Dinner Theater – It is known as an Equestrian Theater in Kissimmee that is operating since February of 1988. In Central Florida, this theater continues to amaze guests with its distinct blend of the world’s famous horses, expert riders, special effects and beautiful costumes, which brings out a delightful theatrical performance that best suits family guests. Because of the unique shows and performances paired with an excellent dining experience it renders to every dining guest, the Arabian Nights Dinner Theater is voted the four-time winner of Orlando’s number one Dinner Attraction.

2. Treasure Tavern – This is the newest dinner theater in Orlando that opened last June of 2010, exclusively open to adults aging between 18 and above. Here you can witness spectacular performances with acrobat acts, comedy acts and dances paired with a fantastic dining experience. It features adult themed shows that are strictly for those 18 and older only. Dining at Treasure Tavern would offer guests with an energetic evening experience of daring acrobatic acts, unique performances, live music and non-stop comedy.

3. Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows – To those who want to experience mysterious dining, Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows features various mystery shows paired with a four-course dinner. Diners are also given a chance to receive prizes at the end of the evening as they get to play detective on the shows. Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows is open to all types of vacationer who chose to dine-in. Along with the original comedy mystery shows are the delicious foods, a dessert with beer, wine and soft drinks they serve. That completes a wonderful dining experience for a valuable guest like you.

These are only three of the best dinner theaters and shows in Orlando, Florida that are open to serve every diner with the best appetizing menus of food and unique entertainment shows.